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The private area of the Website, which includes the Residents’ Homepage, Forums, and Groups/Group Feeds/Documents, are only accessible by logged-in, registered/verified residents and shareholders of Fort Tryon Gardens. The Shareholder Central Group is only accessible by registered/verified Co-op shareholder households.
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Upload an Avatar or Photo to Your Profile

Please upload an avatar or photo to your profile. This can be any image you choose to represent you, but please do not upload extremely large images (images should be less than 250KB) or any objectionable images. Several site features will be unavailable to users who do not complete this step, including the ability to post to private Group forums.

To upload your image, click on “Change My Avatar” in the Quick Links section of the Residents’ Homepage or, on the same page, click on your name under “My Messages and Notifications” and then click “Profile>>>Change Profile Photo.”
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Ensure That You Receive Site Updates & Messages from the Board

If you are a Shareholder, please be sure to whitelist or allow webmaster@forttryongardens.org in your e-mail inbox so that you will receive important Co-op announcements and updates. Every Friday, we send out a weekly Shareholder update that includes any newly posted news, events, and forum topics, as well as occasional important announcements from the Board of Directors. (Note: Renters do not receive this update, but can still sign up for notifications.*)

Please verify that you are receiving the weekly update on Friday. If you do not see it in your e-mail inbox, check your spam folders and be sure to mark mail from webmaster@forttryongardens.org as safe or “Not Spam.” If you don’t verify this, you may not receive Board announcements or Co-op website updates  via your e-mail inbox.


If you find the Weekly Update in your Social or Promotions Tab, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Click open the “Social” tab in your Gmail account.

Step 2: Select any message from Fort Tryon Gardens Co-op (webmaster@forttryongardens.org) and “DRAG” it over to the Primary Tab.

Step 3: After doing that you will see a message pop up asking if you want your emails from Fort Tryon Gardens automatically delivered to your Primary tab in the future: Click: Yes

That’s all you need to do! Now the messages you need to see as soon as possible will go safely into your primary inbox.

Remember to repeat this same step for the “Promotion” TAB in case your Co-op or other important emails are landing in there, as well.

*As residents at the co-op, renters have login access to this site, but will not receive the weekly Shareholder update or Board announcements via e-mail. Renters, however, can sign up to receive e-mail notifications when new Forum topics and updates are posted in Groups in which they are members by visiting the Group’s homepage, clicking on the “E-Mail Options” tab, and choosing their preferred e-mail update frequency.
Shareholders should note that if they choose to use a group’s “E-mail Options” tab to sign up for Group e-mail notifications, it’s possible that they may receive duplicate e-mail notifications (from both the Shareholder update and the Group’s update) containing the same information.

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How to Contact the Co-op Board of Directors

To contact the Board of Directors, visit this page.

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Residents’ Homepage

The Residents’ Homepage is the landing page for verified, logged in co-op residents and shareholders. The left and right columns of this page contain blocks that allow you to conveniently find relevant information:

Left Column:

Quick Links

This section offers fast access to your activity, friends, messages, and profile options.

Recent Forum Topics

This section displays the most recent topics started in Forums of Groups in which you are a member.

Recent Forum Replies

This section displays the most recent replies to topics in Forums of Groups in which you are a member.

Upcoming Events

This section pulls the latest events from the Events Calendar, for easy reference.


Right Column:

My Messages and Notifications

Clicking on your name in this section will take you to your profile, where you can view private messages in your inbox from other members, as well as update settings.


This section contains a list of recently active members, new members, and popular (those with the highest number of Friends) members.


This section contains a list of recently active groups, new groups, and popular (those with the highest number of Members) groups.

Latest Documents

This section contains the latest documents uploaded by administrators or moderators of Groups to which you belong.

Recent News

This sections contains the most recent news articles posted to the site’s News page.

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Understanding Your Profile

You can reach your personal profile page by clicking on your name under the “Messages and Notifications” section of the Profile Landing page, or by clicking on your avatar/photo icon under the “Members” section of the page.

Your personal profile contains the following tabs:

Activity: shows a list of your activity on the site

Profile: shows your name and bio (to create a bio click on your avatar, then click Profile>>Edit). The rest of the personal information you input to verify your membership at signup is not displayed and is only accessible by the Board and site administrator. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.

Notifications: shows your sitewide notifications regarding all Activity, Messages, Friends, and Groups on the site.

Friends: People who you have added as a friend and have accepted your request and/or people whose friendship requests you’ve accepted. When you accept someone’s Friend request, you have additional abilities to communicate with them, such as seeing when they are online in chat, or sending them public messages using the @ symbol in Group activity feeds.

Groups: shows Groups to which you belong (and will receive activity updates from via e-mail if you configure this under the Group’s “E-mail Options” tab).

Forums: shows a list of Forum topics that you have started.

Settings: allows you to change your account e-mail and/or password.

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How to Send a Private Inbox Message to Another Member

  • Click on the profile avatar/photo of any member
  • Click the “Private Message” button
  • The “Send To” field will already be filled in with your recipient’s name.
  • Type your Subject and Message
  • Click “Send Message”
  • When members clicks on their profile, they will see the number of new messages in their inbox. Members will also receive an e-mail notification containing the text of your message, alerting them that they have a new inbox message on the site.

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How to Send a Public Message to Another Member

You can also send public messages to other members by clicking the “Public Message” button under their profile. You will be given the option of posting the public message in the Activity Feed (“Home”) of any Group to which you belong and/or to the Activity Feed of your own profile.

Alternatively, you can post public messages to the attention of a specific person in any Group Activity Feed (“Home”) by simply typing the “@” symbol before the member’s username in your post.

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How to Post to Forums

Posting to the Forums is the best way to ensure that your message is read by other members. New Forum topics and replies are automatically sent to all Shareholder members via the weekly update e-mail notification, which collects all new news articles, forum topics, and forum replies into a digital newsletter format and sends directly to each Shareholder member’s e-mail.

Note that if you bypass a Group Forum and post messages or notes only to the Group’s activity feed (“Home” link), these posts are not included in the weekly Shareholder update e-mail. Site members will only receive e-mail notifications of these posts if they configure their E-mail Options as such within the Group.

You can access the Forums from the main menu navigation by visiting “Residents —-> Forums.” Alternatively, you can access the Forum of any Group by visiting the Group’s homepage and clicking on the “Forum” link.

How to post  a new Forum topic within a specific Forum:

  • Visit the Forums main page and click on the Forum of your choice
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “Create New Topic in [Name of Group Forum]
  • type a Topic Title in the box indicated
  • use the editor to type your message and click “Submit” in the bottom right corner


Use the buttons above the text area to format text (bold, italic, center, etc) or include hyperlinks and/or images in your post. The image button will allow you to include a photo by inputting the photo’s URL location. Alternatively, you can upload a photo by using the “Choose File” button at the bottom of the posting area.

You may also include HTML code in your post by clicking the “Text” tab at the far right.

Note that the system will not allow posts to any Group forum unless you have uploaded an avatar or photo to your profile. 

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How to Upload Documents to a Group

All Groups include the functionality to upload documents. This feature has been implemented in order for Group Admins to include meeting minutes, financial documents, legal documents, and related Co-op documentation. By default, only group administrators or moderators can upload documents to Groups. Your Group’s administrators and moderators can be found via their profile avatar/photo in the upper right hand corner of the Group’s homepage under “Group Admins.”

Group administrators may allow Group members to also upload documents to the group. If the administrator of your group allows all members to upload documents, you may do so by following the steps below:

  • from the Group’s homepage, click on “Documents”
  • scroll down and click the “Upload a New Document” button

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Difference Between Commenting in Groups/Forums and on News Articles

The Groups and Forums on this site, and any New Topic, Reply, or Update you post to them, are only accessible and visible to logged-in, verified residents and shareholders.

In contrast, news articles in the News section of the site are accessible to the general public on the Web, just like most other main pages of the site (i.e., the Homepage, as well as the About the Co-op, Events, Apartments, Neighborhood, Contact pages).*

Please keep this in mind when posting a comment to a News article on the main Website.

*Note that select News articles and Events that are about official Co-op business and activity may be hidden from the public/general Web search and require a log in.

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How to Submit an Event to the Events Calendar

You may submit events that you think would be of interest and benefit to the Fort Tryon Gardens Co-op community.  Please submit event information to webmaster@forttryongardens.org at least three weeks in advance of event date.

Your events submission must include ALL of the following information in order to be posted:

  • Event Date
  • Event Description
  • Event Start Time
  • Event End Time
  • Name of Event Venue/Location
  • Address of Event Venue/Location
  • Name of Event Organizer
  • E-mail and/or phone of Event Organizer or Venue
  • Event Cost (indicate if free)

The following information is optional to include:

  • Link to Event Website (if applicable)
  • Event Photo (must be a high quality image and at least 500 pixels wide)

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Please note that this site is updated and maintained on a volunteer basis. If you have any questions or problems with using this site, or would like to contribute content articles or Web expertise (PHP and WordPress skills only), please e-mail the Webmaster at webmaster@forttryongardens.org