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[pane title=”What is a co-op?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”How are shares allocated to shareholders?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”What percentage of shares does the sponsor control?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”Where is the managing agent’s office?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”Can I review the minutes of the Board?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”What can I deduct from my taxes?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”What is the Co-op’s sub-leasing policy?” background_image=””][/pane]

[pane title=”Are there any apartments for rent?” background_image=”undefined”][/pane]

[pane title=”Are pets allowed?” background_image=”undefined”][/pane]


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Got a question not listed here?

Contact the Co-op’s managing agent.