By Mary Jane Wilkie

Now that it’s spring, many of us are more conscious of the need to brush our pet, to
remove hair that will end up on the furniture or clothes. Rather than dispose of
their hair in the garbage, however, you can make it available to birds that frequent
our courtyards. They will gladly use it to build nests, and the time is right.

Just gather the hair in a specific place, and next time you exit your building, leave it
on the grass or any bushes you can reach. It won’t be there long, so no one need be
concerned about unsightly bunches of animal fur in the courtyard.

To know more about the specifics, here’s a link:

The birds know who their friends are, and they will chirp happily as you walk by. ♬

–Mary Jane Wilkie
(with thanks to Sal, in 3G of my building, who disposes of Barney’s fur this way).