This past week, cast and crew from “Limitless,” a TV adaptation of the 2011 feature film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper, were in Fort Tryon Park filming several scenes for an upcoming episode of the show.

On September 1, a dozen or so actors dressed in military fatigues and marching in formation could be seen running through the small tunnel located down the hill from the Fort Tryon dog park leading to the walkway to the Cloisters. Crew gear and equipment was set up near the Cloisters lawn. Jake McDorman, who stars in the show as Brian Sinclair, was also seen filming several scenes throughout the park.

Limitless centers around Sinclair, a man who takes the experimental drug NZT, which allows him to access 100 percent of his mental capability. He then is coerced into using his enhanced abilities to solve crimes with the FBI. Cooper, who will make several cameo appearances throughout the season, serves as an Executive Producer.

The series premieres on CBS on September 22.