Organic waste accounts for about 31% of all waste generated by residents in New York City. Organic waste is yard waste, food scraps, compostable paper (napkins, paper plates, etc.), and other materials suitable for industrial-scale composting. Operating a curbside organics collection program can help NYC reduce millions of dollars in landfill disposal costs, achieve recycling goals, and reduce pests by storing food waste in special rodent-resistant bins. NYC will turn your organic waste into compost, which can be used to fertilize gardens, parks, and street trees, or into renewable energy which can be used to power thousands of homes.

Apartment buildings in NYC with 10 or more residential units can enroll to participate in a new program that provides free and convenient collection of organic waste, including food scraps, soiled paper, and yard waste. Residents who live in smaller units can still compost their food waste at a neighborhood based food waste drop-off site.

For more information on how to enroll your building in this free program, visit NYCRecycles.

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